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    BITControl Aqua Aero v2.1

    BITControl Aqua Aero v2.1
    The aeration system is the most important equipment of a wastewater plant. 75% of the energy used for the wastewater treatment is covered by the aeration system. The correct design of the aeration system is the basis for a good operation and the operational costs. As the energy costs are the main cost value of an aeration system, a real comparison of different systems must concern both the operation and the invest costs of the whole life cycle.

    With Aqua Aero you are able to design the aeration system with blowers, mixers and pipelines for different chamber geometries. You have the choice of membrane aerators (as tubular-, disc- or plate aerators) and surface aerators (in the next version of Aqua Aero). From a database you can choose fitting aggregates for the single calculation steps. As important efficiency parameter the oxygen efficiency is provided. With the calculation of investment, reinvestment and operating costs the economical calculation of Aqua Aero covers the whole life cycle of the aeration. And you get a detailed documentation of the calculations and true scaled drawings of the equipment.

    And an important feature added to Aqua Aero for optimizing the construction: now you can calculate more than just one project and compare them objectively by one value.

    Shortly combined: Aqua Aero is a powerfull tool for economical and procedual design of aeration systems for wastewater treatment plants


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