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    RedCrab Calculator Full Portable

    RedCrab Calculator Full Portable -- 3.9 Mb

    While the calculator that comes with Windows has some advanced features, it can sometimes be difficult to work with. RedCrab is a program that was designed to come to the aid of those that need a tool to solve advanced math problems.

    The app has a clean interface, with several functions accessible straight from the main frame.

    RedCrab is an efficient calculator that enables you to work in fullscreen mode, which makes everything easier to observe. Furthermore, the mathematical expressions aren't typed in a typical command line, but can be entered in the editor window. This may be displayed as a blank page or as a grid.

    The calculator comes with several panels that can be extended on the right side of the GUI. Thus, you can view a classic number pad, some scientific applications (Sin, Cos, Log, etc) and symbols (root, pi, sum, etc). Also, the program includes tools designed for programmers, as well for those that work with statistics.

    Complex tasks may be explained visually by importing images to the page. These can be in BMP or JPEG format. Also, inserting text boxes is possible. These may be customized by changing the font name, style and size, as well as the color.

    If needed, a virtual keyboard is made available by the app. It is easily accessible from the interface.

    The bottom line is that RedCrab is a nice program that can be of great help to those who work extensively with advanced math problems. Inexperienced users might need some time to figure out everything that this app can do.

    New in version

    * Cumulative Update with improvements on tool box buttons. More improvements in details.


    Pentium P4

    1 GB RAM


    OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10


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