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    برنامج تحويل PDF الى DWG

    Sothink PDF to DWG Converter 3.0

    Powerful PDF to DWG Converter fast converts single-page or multi-page PDF files into reusable DWG for efficient editing in AutoCAD. With just one click, you will get high-quality and small-size DWG that can be opened in AutoCAD 2002-2011. To save your time, the PDF to DWG Converter offers the batch conversion function. It is professional and extremely simple to use.

    Main Features:

    Fast converts single-page or multi-page PDF files to DWG

    Provides batch conversion to save your

    Supports all versions of PDF

    The output DWG can be opened in AutoCAD 2002-

    Supports converting the images contained in

    Fast generate high-quality and small-size

    Powerful and simple to use.

    Why you need Sothink PDF to DWG Converter?

    If you have PDF files that are derived from DWG files or contain AutoCAD drawings inside, you can easily convert the PDF into reusable DWG and directly edit it in AutoCAD. Simple one-click conversion and high quality output


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