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    Periodic Table v3.8.1

    The application contains all the elements of the Periodic Table along with images of the elements in their natural state, as well as lots of other information and interactive displays.

    The periodic table now comes in two versions. They all contain the same amount of information.

    Standard Version

    Comes with 173 high resolution images of the elements in various physical states. Designed to be run on a desktop with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

    Mini Version

    The mini version comes with the same data and images as the standard version but it is designed for desktops running at 1024x600 like that of the Asus Eee 900 and 901 laptops.

    Features include

    Detailed information on each element

    Details of isotopes and allotropes

    Details of important compounds

    Details of reactions with water, air, halogens and acids

    Images for each element (126 images in total) including valence and crystal stucture diagrams

    Glossary of terms

    Graphs of important element properties

    Biographies for the important scientists and element discoverers

    View the states of the elements at any temperature (from 0 - 6000k)

    XP style support

    Search through all content

    Electron shell diagrams of each element

    Atomic width diagram

    Element names and the majority of the applications buttons are now available in eight different languages. Unfortunately there is just too much text for me to translate (95,000+ words).


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