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    مشورع عمل شاشة LCD تعمل باللمس مع GLCD

    This is an interesting project for AVR microcontroller. The project is written by Mr. Hussein now. Finally, we thank them

    Project content: Proteus files, program files Bascom, fonts required LCD, training, commissioning and

    Touch Screen Display brief:

    Touch screens are divided into two categories: resistors and capacitors.

    With the touch of your pages for Micro submit two different voltage. Then the microcontroller considers that the two voltages are related to what point is the touch screen.

    In fact, you should use the micro ADC to read the voltage of the micro. After analysis which touch point in the output of commands to be executed.

    - The high precision capacitive and multi-touch features such as these can be multi-point touch at the same time the order is placed. Building this type of capacitor is made on the basis of performance.

    For further information in this regard can read the paper in use there. I hope this post helps a lot on the Touch Screen to have you


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