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    Arcv2CAD v7.0 A.02

    Arcv2CAD v7.0 A.02 -- 18 Mb

    Arcv2CAD 7.0 converts ESRI shapefiles (ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcMap etc.) to AutoCAD DXF and DWG formats. This allows shapefiles to be read by virtually all CAD software, for example AutoCAD, MicroStation, CivilCAD, DesignCAD, SolidWorks, as well as numerous other Mapping and Graphics software, eg CorelDraw, Surfer, World Construction Set


    Apply Colors corresponding to selected Feature Attributes.

    Output entities onto Layers corresponding to Feature Attributes.

    Color fill Polygons - correctly handles holes.

    Produce Text Labels from Features data. Powerful built in Auto-Label function.

    Transfer table data via DXF/DWG ATTRIB or Extended Data (XData) definitions.

    Output Elevation data as real 3D Z coordinates.

    Command line mode for batch operation.

    Standalone converter, does not require ArcView, ArcGIS, ArcMap, etc.

    Output of a Legend

    Translate to all of AutoCAD DXF and DWG versions up to the latest 2014. New

    Support for all 3D shapefile types (PointZ, PolylineZ, PolyGonZ, MultiPatch, etc)

    Data source may be CSV or DBF (i.e. no shapefile, simply a points database)

    Optionally output to CSV

    Properties control for attributes (ATTRIBs), i.e. size, position, color, etc.

    Named Marker Blocks more

    Extrude 2D Polygon shapes to 3D Objects. Picture

    Online context sensitive help

    Fully handles the latest 3D shapefiles.

    Compatible with all ArcGIS / ArcMap/ ArcView / ... products (all versions.)

    Support direct access to shapefiles in ESRI Personal Geodatabase files. New

    New in Version 7.0

    Output all DXF and DWG formats up to AutoCAD 2014

    Support direct access to shapefiles in ESRI Personal Geodatabase files


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