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    LimitState FIX 3.0.391

    LimitState FIX 3.0.391 (x86/x64) -- 43/44 MB

    We’ve taken the incredible Polygonica technology, developed and proven over two decades, and embedded it in a super-easy-to-use product that automatically fixes 3D models. Your existing software will fix a few problems. But in our tests, LimitState:FIX fixes vastly more - saving you time, and letting you get back to designing and printing.

    Here’s how LimitState:FIX works. You’ve just built a fantastic STL model that looks perfect on-screen. But when it comes to printing, your printer won’t accept the file - or worse, takes time to print it, but it comes out wrong. Cue a frustrating cycle of fixing the model and trying to print. This is because preparing clean, watertight, STL files that will print properly on a 3D printer can be hard. Even experienced 3D modellers can leave defects in their model.

    Getting the model right can be painful. It often means boring, laborious manual fixing of your model. There are repair tools out there, but they aren’t always that reliable. This is why we developed LimitState:FIX.

    LimitState:FIX automatically identifies and repairs defects in STL files. And it does it fast. We used the groundbreaking Polygonica technology, which has set the standard for industrial 3D mesh modelling over the last 20 years. It’s consistently been the most robust tool for repairing meshes in industrial models. Now, finally, we've made the core mesh healing technology available to 3D modellers working in fields from product design, dentistry and jewelry to aviation and architecture to fix their models - fast. We think this is a real breakthrough which could make many 3D modellers’ lives much, much easier

    x64 Bit System


    x32 Bit System