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    CD-Adapco Battery Design Studio 11.04.012 Windows x64 2016

    Year / Release Date: 2016

    Version: 11.04.012

    Developer: CD-Adapco

    Developer website: *

    Bit depth: 64bit

    Compatibility with Vista: complete

    Compatible with Windows 7 full time

    Compatible with Windows 8: full

    Language: Multilingual (Russian present)

    Medicine: Present (TeAM SOlidSQUAD-SSQ)

    System requirements: multiprocessor, multicore PCs with 512MB or more of RAM, 500 MB free space on hard drive for software installation

    Battery Design Studio® can be applied to all structural types of rechargeable cells (batch, cylindrical and prismatic cells) and allows you to take into account all aspects of the design for the original calculation of the volume, weight and design of the specific power. A comprehensive user interface helps the user to set the parameters of the battery cells, including the parameters of electrodes, chemical conditions, the installation of contact connections and the outer housing, and to develop a full battery model




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