After Effects: The Complete Beginner Course (All Versions)

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    Learn How to Use Adobe after Effects to Create Professional Motion Graphics, Animations & Visual Effects - without getting bored out of your mind!
    • Complete Beginner Course for ANY version of Adobe After Effects (you can even use the FREE trial)
    • Learn to create your own motion graphics, animations, titles and VFX for your video projects
    • Gain a solid understanding of all of the fundamentals of Adobe After Effects
    • Gain the confidence to follow along with any of the many exciting online tutorials that you may find
    • Guaranteed to be both fun AND educational!
    Hi, my name is Tobias and I run Surfaced Studio.
    In this Complete Beginner Course I want to share my passion for Adobe After Effects with you and teach you everything you need to know to get started using this powerful piece of software.
    This course covers all of the basics of Adobe After Effects from how the interface works all the way to creating your own Morph VFX.
    By the end you will feel comfortable creating your own Motion Graphics & Visual Effects, ready for intermediate training material.
    After the course, you should be confident and able to follow along with all the exciting online tutorials that you may find!
    I believe that training materials should be both entertaining and educational and tried to keep this course snappy, fun and useful.
    I hope that you will join me onto this journey into the exciting world of Adobe After Effects!
    All feedback and comments are always welcome!
    • Anyone Who Is New to Adobe after Effects and Video Compositing
    • Anyone Who Wants to Learn to Create Professional Motion Graphics & Animations
    • Anyone Who Wants to Learn How to Add Cool Visual Effects to Their Own Video Projects
    • This Is an Absolute Beginner Course. If You Are Already Familiar with How Adobe after Effects Works, This Course Is Likely Not for You

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    After Effects_ The Complete Beginner Course _All Versions.rar (3.58 GB)

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    online video

    1. Introduction.mp4 (66.33 MB)

    2. What You Will Learn in This Course.mp4 (49.48 MB)

    3. What is Adobe After Effects.mp4 (100.24 MB)

    1. The Adobe After Effects Interface.mp4 (97.64 MB)

    2. Importing Footage.mp4 (124.89 MB)

    3. Creating Compositions.mp4 (199 MB)

    4. Exporting.mp4 (271.84 MB)

    1. Setting Up.mp4 (99.91 MB)

    2. Rotoscoping.mp4 (196.51 MB)

    3. Creating the Morph Effect.mp4 (474.53 MB)

    Thank You.mp4 (36.94 MB)

    11. Null Objects.mp4 (178.03 MB)

    6. Shap Layers.mp4 (154.46 MB)

    7. Track Mattes.mp4 (195.79 MB)

    8. Adjustment Layers.mp4 (101.96 MB)

    9. Pr-Composing Udemy.mp4 (220.35 MB)

    10. Parenting.mp4 (172.57 MB)

    5. Masking.mp4 (345.64 MB)

    1. Working With Layers.mp4 (300.75 MB)

    2. Applying Effects.mp4 (203.83 MB)

    3. Adding Animation.mp4 (218.77 MB)

    4.Working With Test .mp4 (241.53 MB)

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