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    ICD Stackup Planner v2016 131 DC 021116

    Signals propagate at the speed-of-light in free space. However, this

    speed varies dramatically depending on the surrounding dielectric

    materials. Each layer, of a multilayer PCB, can have a very different

    propagation speed. This is particularly important for the latest

    high-speed DDR3/4 memory devices. The new 'Relative Signal Propagation'

    feature, of the ICD Stackup Planner, allows you to not only match the

    length of busses, but takes this one step further by automatically

    simulating the appropriate length required to match the delay exactly

    The integrated field solver simulates the inductance, capacitance and

    flight time, of each signal layer, to quickly give you the results you

    need to effectively route memory busses



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