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    Intetech iMAASP v1.1.16168.157

    iMAASP is a calculation tool used to run up to four MAASP (Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure) calculations at any one time, providing the details of the MAASP value for the current status of the well using the derated wellhead pressure resistance and the wall thickness loss in any string and identifying the annulus element with the minimum pressure rating, i.e. the component most likely to fail first.

    Key benefits

    IMAASP software allows users to test annuli configurations and equipment to help program and provide safer well operations in any annulus conditions.

    Mitigates risk of reaching annulus loading conditions that can surpass the available pressure capacity of the annulus components.

    Save file feature allows users to quickly adjust for differences from well to well.

    Calculations reflect the industry best practice and meet ISO16530-2 Annex K methodology





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