Human Reliability Associates Hierarchical Task Analysis v2.7.9

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    Human Reliability Associates Hierarchical Task Analysis v2.7.9

    HRA Hierarchical Task Analysis v2.7.9

    Task analysis is a fundamental methodology in the assessment and reduction of human error. A wide variety of different task analysis methods exist, and it would be impracticable to describe all these techniques here. Instead, the intention is to describe representative methodologies applicable to different types of task.

    Hierarchical Task Analysis is a systematic method of describing how work is organized in order to meet the overall objective of the job. It involves identifying in a top down fashion the overall goal of the task, then the various sub-tasks and the conditions under which they should be carried out to achieve that goal. In this way, complex planning tasks can be represented as a hierarchy of operations - different things that people must do within a system and plans - the conditions which are necessary to undertake these operations. Hierarchical Task Analysis commences by stating the overall objective that the person has to achieve. This is then redescribed into a set of sub-operations and the plan specifying when they are carried out. The plan is an essential component of HTA since it describes the information sources that the worker must attend to, in order to signal the need for various activities. Each sub-operation can be redescribed further if the analyst requires, again in terms of other operations and plans