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    Caretta GUI Design Studio Professional

    Caretta GUI Design Studio Professional 5x -- 23.3 Mb

    GUI Design Studio is a graphical user interface design tool for Microsoft Windows that you can use to rapidly create demonstration prototypes without any coding or scripting. Draw individual screens, windows and components using standard elements, connect them together to storyboard operational workflow then run the simulator to test your designs. GUI Design Studio can be used whenever you need to draw what an application should look like or show how its parts connect and flow together.


    Create user interface designs quickly and easily

    Access over 120 built-in design elements

    Include icons and images in a variety of formats

    Annotate your design with overlays and side notes

    Create reusable, modular design components and masters

    Storyboard your designs to create a dynamic prototype

    Generate specification documentation

    Export designs for external review

    View your design in multiple visual styles

    Collaborate in teams on your design projects