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    Micrium uCProbe Professional Edition

    Software to read and write live data embedded processors and memory mapping The system is a set of graphical controls. In fact, using information from the application of these systems graphically arranged in a dashboard is displayed to the user. To do this you will not require coding. Simply mouse to drag and drop components and the appropriate Mmvqyt. The software supports a lot of embedded processors and even you are able through usb port to communicate with these systems.

    Writing and reading information in the memory debugging capabilities, it's a good experience when working with to bring embedded processor.

    If this condition is not satisfied even with the help of communication interfaces Segger J-Link, CMSIS-DAP, Cypress PSoC Prog, RS-232 port, USB or via TCP / IP.With J-Link, CMSIS-DAP and Cypress PSoC Prog connection there lies interact with other systems. In fact, you have no need to code the system aims to provide the ability to read and write in them do not need





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