3D Character Creation in Cinema 4D: Modeling a 3D Robot

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    In this course you will learn the process of creating a 3D robot in Cinema 4D. We will start with an empty file and work our way up to modeling, texturing, and rendering a 3D character that looks awesome and is animation friendly.
    We will get the most out of the different tools that Cinema 4D offers, implementing different modeling techniques as well as a recycling method that will help you save a lot of time in this and any other 3D project you work in the future.
    Then, we will texture our character using both, stock materials that Cinema 4D comes with, and materials that we create ourselves.
    Finally, we will use a few HDR images to lit the final scene, and make some amazing renders.
    This course focuses on creating the 3D character you can see in the promo video, but you can use the techniques you learn here to create any other robot you want.
    I’m confident that at the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of the 3D modeling process and you will be able to start creating your own 3D characters.
    • This course is for anyone interested in improving their Cinema 4D skills.
    • This course is for 3D sudents who want to take their skills to the next level.
    • This course is not for complete 3D begginers, although they will also enjoy and learn a lot from it.

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    3D_Character_Creation_in_Cinem-full.rar (2.35 GB)

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    online video

    001. Introduction.mp4 (19.76 MB)

    002. Modeling the head.mp4 (38.33 MB)

    003. Modeling the eyes.mp4 (117.88 MB)

    004. Modeling the upper body.mp4 (204.24 MB)

    005. Modeling the spine.mp4 (52.77 MB)

    006. C4D backups.mp4 (21.69 MB)

    007. Modeling the pelvis.mp4 (105.95 MB)

    008. Blocking up the character.mp4 (124.16 MB)

    009. Modeling the legs - Part 1.mp4 (107.39 MB)

    010. Modeling the legs - Part 2.mp4 (145.78 MB)

    011. Modeling the legs - Part 3.mp4 (250.21 MB)

    012. Making the legs work independe.mp4 (131.34 MB)

    013. Modeling the arms - Part 1.mp4 (112.78 MB)

    014. Modeling the arms - Part 2.mp4 (250.03 MB)

    015. Modeling the feet.mp4 (168.85 MB)

    016. Modeling the hands - Part 1.mp4 (126.2 MB)

    017. Modeling the hands - Part 2.mp4 (80.44 MB)

    018. Modeling the decorative skull.mp4 (149.01 MB)

    019. Texturing our character.mp4 (221.64 MB)

    020. Creating the background set.mp4 (78.85 MB)

    021. Lighting and rendering the fin.mp4 (61.29 MB)

    022. Final thoughts.mp4 (24.33 MB)
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