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    GlobalCAD Architecture 2016 v1.2

    GlobalCAD ​​company announced a new version of the product Architecture 2016 (ex-LandARCH), an excellent solution for architects and landscape designers using tools based on AutoCAD platform and attention, Bricscad!

    GlobalCAD ​​Architecture 2016 will significantly increase the productivity of labor above specialists thanks to the excellent set of tools for two-dimensional and three-dimensional design, the built module costing and preparation of material specifications (BOM), and project management tools. The package includes an impressive library of 3D-models that can be handled in AutoCAD and Bricscad application or transmitted for subsequent rendering specialized packages such as Viz Render and 3DS Max.

    GlobalCAD ​​Architecture 2016 supports the version of AutoCAD and Bricscad 11-16 2007-2016