برنامج تحليل وتصميم الحصيرة والأساسات الخرسانية StructurePoint spMats v8.12

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    • Sep 2018
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    برنامج تحليل وتصميم الحصيرة والأساسات الخرسانية

    StructurePoint spMats v8.12

    Engineers worldwide use spMats (formerly pcaMats, MATS) to optimize
    complicated foundations design, reinforcing and soil-structure interaction

    spMats, formerly pcaMats/MATS, is a program for analysis and design of
    concrete foundation mats, combined footings, and slabs on grade. The slab
    is modeled as an assemblage of rectangular finite elements. The boundary
    conditions may be the underlying soil, nodal springs, piles, or
    translational and rotational nodal restraints.

    The model is analyzed
    under uniform (surface) and concentrated loads. The resulting
    deflections, soil pressure (or spring reactions), and bending moments are
    output. The program computes the required area of reinforcing steel in
    the slab in accordance with ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02 and CSA
    A23.3-14/04/94. The program also performs punching shear calculations
    around columns and piles

    spMats uses the plate-bending theory and the Finite Element Method (FEM)
    to model the behavior of the mat or slab. The soil supporting the slab is
    assumed to behave as a set of one-way compression-only springs (Winkler

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