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    Runge Pincock Minarco HAULNET v2.2.3305 x64

    RPM HAULNET v2.2.3305

    HAULNET is a trusted haul route planning software that saves you money by choosing the most cost efficient haulage routes. HAULNET is part of the TALPAC family of mining productivity simulators. With HAULNET, you can visualise your many available haulage paths, investigate the different options available and choose the most cost effective haulage routes. Quickly determine the fastest and shortest haulage routes, across the millions of possible combinations. HAULNET interprets road geometry from your mine designs filtering thousands of data points into haul roads and profiles at a lightning pace. HAULNET’s high quality graphics simulate the productivity of your haul trucks’ routes at different phases of your mine’s life in true 3D.


    Integrated with RPM’s Commodity-based Scheduling Solutions

    Reporting capabilities on truck hours by source, material and destination

    Model and analysis haulage options in a rigorous, yet practical manner

    x64 Bit System


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