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    Keysight-Agilent ADS 2016 01 win64


    Thanks to Team SSQ for another ADS release, enjoy!

    Key Features & Specifications

    ADS 2016 includes the following new products and improved capabilities:

    SIPro: SI-focused EM simulator delivers high-accuracy for high-complexity PCB applications

    PIPro: PI-focused suite of EM simulators for analysis of Power Delivery Networks

    Direct layout import from Cadence Allegro .BRD file

    Pulsed Amplitude Modulation (PAM-4) signaling supported in IBIS-AMI Channel Simulation

    DDR Bus Simulator supports Receiver Equalization for DDR4

    Channel Simulator supports Mix & Match IBIS-AMI models with IBIS, SPICE and built-in Tx/Rx models.

    New S-parameter Checker/Viewer

    Improved Harmonic Balance & Circuit Envelope simulation: Faster, better convergence, improved accuracy and better schematic annotation speed up the design process for the most complex designs

    Electro-Thermal simulation: Now runs on Windows, making it more accessible to more designers

    Momentum EM simulation:

    - Parameterized substrates for EM simulations allow designers to model process variability

    - TSMC iRCX import support

    - Via simplification & Simulation of Dummy Metal Fills

    Layout: Numerous usability improvements makes ADS Layout more efficient and intuitive for design, editing and verification, especially for RF PCB/laminates, Silicon Dummy metal fill utility

    Silicon RFIC interoperability:

    - DC Annotation improvements

    - Config Views

    - Verilog-A support

    - Schematic Pcells & schematic area pins

    - Wire editing and schematic layer display improvements

    - iPDK PyCell support

    Wireless Libraries: New W2383EP/ET 5G Advanced Modem & Updated W2385EP/ET Wireless Networking (802.11ah & BTLE 4.0)

    New, Higher Quality Standard: We’ve resolved hundreds of customer submitted issues. More than any prior ADS release

    1.9 GB

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