PSIM Professional 9.1.4 x86 / x64

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    PSIM Professional 9.1.4 x86 / x64

    PSIM runs in Microsoft Windows 7 or 8, either on a stand-alone PC or on a network PC. It is available in 32-bit or 64-bit.
    A minimum of 500MB RAM memory is required. The program will occupy around 250MB hard disk space after installed.

    PSIM Professional 9 is a powerful software for designing, analyzing and simulating electronic circuits. Using PSIM Professional 9.0, electronic engineers are able to select a variety of electronic components from the vast library of PSIM Professional 9.1 and use it in their circuit. PSIM 9 is a complete electrical and electronic laboratory in which a variety of sensors and measuring devices such as oscilloscopes, wave analyzers, displays and thermal analysts, direct and indirect flows, as well as working with AC and DC motors are available. So that we can have a complete understanding of the operation of the circuit.

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