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    Carlson Precision 3D Culverts 2015 build 37368

    The Precision 3D more than a means of 3D visualization. The program uses the latest technology to drag and drop objects to the strategic placement of culverts and I / O headroom from a constantly growing list of items. Precision 3D allows you to define the size of the necessary pipes to get the contours of the field and track drainage gutter according to the model surface.

    "You can place and easy to move culverts and headroom to the new location with a complete rebuild DTM - says Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software, - engineers can receive instant feedback on the changes they have made in the project to the screen."

    After DTM imported from CAD, Google Earth or from another source, the display accurately displays materials such as paving, embankment, stones, grass, etc.

    Other innovations in the program include the ability to:

    Change the surface to project the incoming and outgoing flow

    Delineating the area of ​​drainage and water storage

    Determination of the maximum flow automatically

    Definition of culvert sizes and placement on the low points

    Generate reports in PDF for any selected pipes

    Designing settling pond and the drainage of the pond.


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