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    البرنامج قديم ولكن بناء على طلب خاص تم رفعه لسرفر البوابة

    Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 + Array Visualizer 1.6

    Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 + Array Visualizer 1.6 for Win32 x86 Systems -- Windows -- English -- 472.8MB

    Drives with a license number

    Room (only on this disc) - simcode.jpg radically

    Please install 6.5 with the primary drive,

    when installed on the issue of online registration, answer "Yes"

    at the end of the installation work instolyatora Array Visualiser will be offered - absorbing folder with him on the same disc.

    Not all CD emulators to work well, it is recommended to put the problems of the real as a CD.


    be sure to reboot !!! Further from UPGRADE6_6 folders first set CVF-65-66.exe,


    reboot !!!, and then from the CVF-66-66C3.exe

    x32 Bit System


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