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    Micromine v11.0.4.1058

    MICROMINE solutions help solve problems in exploration and mining, as a rule, associated with the collection, management and interpretation of exploration and production data. MICROMINE allows geologists and mining engineers identify promising areas to find signs of mineralization, to create a model and visualize the distribution of the ore, as well as to design mining operations. Exploration data obtained by means MICROMINE's, will give you a complete picture and a detailed understanding of the situation in your field, which will allow to make informed and reasoned decisions.

    MICROMINE will allow you to design careers with optimal parameters, significantly reducing production costs and increase the profitability of your company. Using the algorithm Lerksa-Grossman for the calculation of a subset of blocks within the existing block model, pit optimization module MICROMINE will help you get the result in the form of shells career and optimize open pit sequence.

    SHOOTING MICROMINE module was designed specifically for import and processing survey data. The module performs calculations on reference points, bindings and volume. With the power of this module, you can determine the border, make the necessary measurements and, as a result, effectively develop the field.

    On the basis of geological parameters using MICROMINE you can create a full 3D model of the deposit. Using this model of career or underground mine, you will be able to accurately interpret the data and determine the volume of the ore body, which is an important factor in the planning and financing of any project. The advanced three-dimensional computer imaging medium in the MICROMINE allows simultaneous display, query, and interactively edit multiple data levels


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