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    Bentley OpenPlant Isometric Manager V8i SS5

    Piping isometric drawings are among the most important deliverables from plant designs. Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i is the first software to independently create intelligent isometric information from any iRING-compatible 3D model, while working in real time with the same model as the rest of the project team.

    Many styles of isometrics can be produced from OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i, each with their own set of rules for design status and layout. Isometrics can be produced based on a design state of the components as set in OpenPlant Modeler V8i, such as Issued for Construction. Rules can be defined to control what types of isometric drawings can be created if the components are in a predetermined design state. Time spent checking and reviewing isometrics is now focused on the proper documents where the status is known.

    OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i is connected to ProjectWise V8i, which provides for the posting of finalized isometrics into the document repository. If a previous version of that isometric exists, it will automatically create a new version, leaving the old version intact for possible future review.


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