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    Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i SS5

    Bentley has already been working on the software application interoperability supporting open standards. OpenPlant is a set of software products for the design of industrial facilities, which is built entirely on the basis of the data model ISO 15926, marking a new step in the development of software for the design of industrial facilities.

    The result of the combination of extensive knowledge and experience on the part of intelligent systems P & ID and the desire to create a truly open and flexible solution for the design of piping and instrumentation became OpenPlant PowerPID product - the first commercial software tool for piping and instrumentation based on a completely open data model. It is based on ISO 15926. data model schema Now any application corresponding to ISO 15926 scheme, may interact with OpenPlant PowerPID. This means the possibility of data created in OpenPlant PowerPID, without the use of complex specialized API


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