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    Asimptote Cycle-Tempo v5.1.5

    With Cycle-Tempo, you can design, analyze, optimize and monitor the thermodynamics of the energy system that you design and operate. Special features include:

    Extensive and validated model library that includes conventional, but above all, innovative systems and components (fuel cells, IGCC, CO2 capture plants, ORC turbogenerators, refrigeration absorption systems, etc).

    Ready-made models of components and even of complete energy conversion systems, so that you can tailor them to your special needs, shortening the model development time.

    Full-featured exergy analysis for the correct optimization of the design and operation of your system.

    Possibility of real-time integration with existing plant-wide data monitoring systems for performance analysis and trouble-shooting.

    Robust and efficient solver for large non-linear algebraic systems of equations, tailored to the special case of mass and energy balances. Our solver proved itself on the most demanding problems


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