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    Mplus 7

    Year / Release Date: 2012

    Version: 7

    Developer: Muthén & Muthén

    Developer website: *

    Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit

    Language: English

    Medicine: Disinfected

    System requirements: Microsoft Windows 7/8

    1 GB RAM

    120 MB hard disk space

    Description: Mplus - software for modeling latent variables with the set of analytical tools

    o- Eksploratorny factor analysis

    o- Modeling with structural equations

    o- Analysis of the responses to the test items (Item response theory analysis

    o- Modeling of growth (growth modeling

    o- Modeling of mixtures of functions (latent class analysis) (mixture modeling, latent class analysis

    o- Longitudinal modeling of mixtures of functions (hidden Markov model, the latent transition analysis, latent class growth analysis) o- longitudinal mixture modeling (hidden Markov, latent transition analysis, latent class growth analysis, growth mixture analysis

    o- Survival analysis (continuous and discrete) o- survival analysis (continuouso- and discrete-time

    o- Multilevel analysis (Multilevel analysis)

    o- Analysis of complex survey data (complex survey data analysis

    o- Bayesian models (Bayesian analysis)

    o- Simulation Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo simulation

    o- Visualization of the model (diagrammer

    Extras. Information: The distribution versions for 32-bit systems (Mplus 7, the combo-32) and 64-bit (Mplus7-combo-64). To install, simply run the appropriate installer, accept the license terms, select the type of installation (complete, minimum or custom). Installer "broken", so the "tablet" is not required. There is an official manual (Mplus user guide Ver7

    x32 Bit Systemx64 Bit System




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