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    ESOFT HollSet v3.0 eng+rus

    HollSet computer program designed for the automated construction of passports blasting when driving horizontal and inclined workings. The program includes the existing methodologies developed in the Russian and foreign mining enterprises. The program laid the modern scientific concept of destruction of rocks, background data on the characteristics of the rocks and used explosive materials. The program allows creative, based on the experience of the designer, his knowledge of the blasting operations in the specific geological conditions, to vary the geometric parameters of the face, make the adjustment holes graphical layout, change the structure of charges. At the same time after each graphic adjustment automatically changes the accounting and technical and economic indicators BSB passport. Distinctive features include ease HollSet development and usability, simple and intuitive interface, a minimum of settings and controls. Analytical calculation and graphical representation of results is automatic. For more complex tasks in the design of passports BSB have the option of manual adjustment as the input parameters and the results


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