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    تحديد الشبكات اللاسلكية المرئية والمعلومات المتعلقة بها بسهولة. تحصل الأداة على اسم الشبكة (SSID) وقوة الإشارة (RSSI) والجودة وعنوان MAC (BSSID) والقناة والحد الأقصى ومعدل البيانات القابلة للتحقيق والأمان والمزيد.

    LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner v4.2.0.167

    Wi-Fi Scanner allows you to easily locate visible wireless networks and its corresponding information. The tool obtains the network name (SSID), signal strength (RSSI) and quality, MAC address (BSSID), channel, maximum and achievable data rate, security, and much more. Wi-Fi Scanner is useful for normal access point users who need to find out the signal strength distribution for their wireless network at home, or choose a position for their access point for optimal signal quality. Using Wi-Fi Scanner, you can evaluate the allocation of wireless networks by channel and select the least congested bandwidth for their access point, allowing them to increase their connection speed significantly. In addition, Wi-Fi Scanner is an indispensable tool for corporate network administrators in performing tasks such as configuration, planning and monitoring security parameters on business wireless networks.



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