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    Efofex FX Graph يسمح لك ببناء الرسومات الهندسية، رسم الصيغ الجبرية إخراج القطع المكافئ، حل المعادلات الهندسية. وسيساعد البرنامج بتعليم الطلاب كيفية الجبر والهندسة وكذلك لحل المعادلات. واجهة خاصة للعمل يمكن أن تستخدم وظيفة إضافية في Microsoft Office Word و Excel لبناءمعادلات ورسوم بيانية أكثر تعقيدا .

    Efofex FX Graph 5.007.4

    Efofex FX Graph allows you to build geometric graphics, draw a parabola output algebraic formulas, solve geometric equations. The program will help students learn how algebra and geometry as well as to solve the equations. To work has its own interface can also be used as an add-in Microsoft Office Word and Excel to build more complex equations and graphs

    FX Graph defaults to Cartesian functions. Type any expression involving x (for example 3x3-2x2+2/3) and FX Graph will graph the function.

    y = is optional for Cartesian functions.

    Functions can be plotted as points.

    Function domains can be entered in (-2,4] or -2
    Points of interest are automatically calculated and displayed when the mouse pointer hovers over the point.

    Points of interest can be calculated as exact values.

    First and second derivative curves.

    Curves graphed with out of range arrows if required.

    Vertical asymptotes calculated and drawn.

    Horizontal asymptotes.

    Oblique asymptotes.

    Tangent lines can be added to function curve.

    Secant lines can be added to function curve.

    Tables of values can be calculated for function and added to graphic.

    Points can be marked on function and coordinates of the points shown.

    Integrals can be added.

    Cartesian functions can be typed in any order. No need to convert to y = format.

    At some point after installation dialog box appears asking you to enter key. Run the crack ready to enter data or to generate your own.



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