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    برنامج لمحاكاة ديناميكية ونمذجة المياه الجوفية

    Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder 2009.1 v1.1.94.0

    Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder - software for dynamic simulation of groundwater

    Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder includes features to dynamically build conceptual models, as well as powerful tools for importing data objects and is a great addition to software and FEFLOW Visual MODFLOW
    Schlumberger Hydro GeoBuilder gives users the following options

    A. Automatic creation of complex layers of the model of the structure of the conceptual model.

    B. Create different numerical models from the same conceptual model allows the analysis of differences in the model grid.

    C. Load simulation results and comparisons with the conceptual model and the model grid