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    Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.30

    Pipe Flow Expert - an application for the design and analysis of complex networks of channel, where the flows and pressures must be balanced for the hydraulic calculation of the Armed Forces. Designed to help engineers analyze and solve a wide range of issues where the flow and pressure drop through the channels / networks should be identified.

    Pipe Flow Expert allows you to design and calculate the complex pipeline system, analyze the features of the system, while flow. Calculates balanced steady flow and pressure conditions of the system. This will allow you to perform analysis of the various systems design channel under different operating conditions.

    Features Pipe Flow Expert:

    The pressure drop in the landline. flow is calculated by Darcy-Veisbak (determines the amount of friction loss in the motion of the fluid in the tubes).

    The coefficients of friction of pipes are calculated using COLEBROOK-WHITE-equation.

    Database with common liquid and gas data.

    Database channel with general materials and channel dimensions.

    The database details with the spool valve and the data on their proper installation


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