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    Steel Connection Studio v15.02.0401

    SCS allows engineers to quickly design many kinds of joints and the slide show above shows some examples. The Software is easy to learn because the 2d sketch shows 'live' the data you input. As it happens in daily engineering activity, you can set a full range of forces and not only one kind (say, only shear or only axial), depending on modules. Calculations are automatically computed according to 'traditional' engineering methods, that is following instructions by manuals, standards and books (in other words, no finite element analysis results). Detailed results with formulas are displayed. The options given by the Software (stiffeners, methods, eccentricity of components that can be overwritten) are there to explore and to meet your (customers') fabrication facility needs. Integration with other software? Yes, you can graphically import loads from Sap2000 and Staad and some more is coming really soon (check the API page for example for integration with Tekla if you can't wait for the built-in button coming soon). If you are looking for the 'click one button' type of Software, this is not the right page. SCS doesn't bypass the engineer but, just the opposite, it's a tool that needs the Engineer and maximizes her/his passion and work in the search of the most effective design/fabrication solution.