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    يقدم EPCON مجموعة البرمجيات التي تمكن المستخدمين من محاكاة وتحليل تدفق السوائل، الديناميكا الحرارية للنفط والغاز،


    EPCON CHEMPRO v9.2.1.25173

    EPCON offers a range of fluid flow software solutions that enable users to simulate and analyze fluid flow, oil and gas thermodynamics, physical property components, equipment sizing and cost estimation, flare header analysis, pressure relief valve analysis, and process simulation.

    CHEMPRO simulates liquid, gas, and multi-phase piping systems. Included are all of the features of SiNET with links to the API Technical Data Book, the API Equipment Data Sheets, SYSTEM 7 Process Explorer, and DDBSP. CHEMPRO also provides optional process safety solutions with the Pressure Releif Valve Analysis and the Flare Header Backpressure Analysis programs


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