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    Schneider Electric (ex. Invensys) SimSci PRO/II v9.4

    PRO / II performs rigorous calculations material and heat balances for a wide range of processes from the primary separation of oil and gas to the reactive distillation processes.


    HTFS - automates the retrieval of data for streams in the database PRO / II and based on these input-file HTFS;

    HTRI - creates the possibility of the full integration of program design and calculation of heat exchanger tube bundle HTRI XIST;

    Linnhoff-March - material and energy balances of PRO / II can be transmitted to the module Column SuperTarget software package for the analysis of the energy efficiency of the separation process.

    Additional special modules:

    Batch - payment stirred tank reactor batch process and calculation of periodic rectification can be run individually or as part of a process flowsheet PRO / II;

    Electrolytes - This module integrates with the thermodynamics of electrolytes company OLI Systems and pozvolyaetgenerirovat own thermodynamic model of electrolytes, to create their own databases and work with them.

    Polymers - allows you to simulate industrial processes involving polymers - from cleaning monomers and polymerization reactions to separation and processing. Polymers enables to describe any component of the polymer as a set of fractions having a certain average molecular weight, which allows an accurate modeling of the mixing and separating polymers.

    Profimatics - model reactors company KBC (REFSIM, HTRSIM, FCCSIM) included in the program PRO / II as processing aids. Note that data components and thermophysical properties including recycles convergence are automatically updated in the calculation.

    AMSIM - module for rigorous modeling of treatment processes sour gas amine solutions in PRO / II is fully integrated package AMSIM company DB Robinson.

    Areas of use:

    Refining (atmospheric column of the primary distillation of crude oil; block heating oil; column separation coker; main column catalytic cracking; installation of gas separation, gasoline stabilizer, installation of secondary distillation of gasoline, reactor components, cleaning acid waste, alkylation in the presence of H2SO4 and HF; vacuum column) .

    Natural gas processing (amine treatment; installing a cascade cooling compressor stations; demethanizer and deethanizer; installation detandirovaniya; dehydrated gas hydrate inhibition, multistage separation, operation platform, refrigeration cycles, optimizing installation turbodetandirovaniya).

    Petrochemicals (separation of aromatics; separation of fractions C3; production of cyclohexane, ethylene plant, obtaining MTBE, release of naphthalene, the production of olefins, chlorination of propylene).

    Chemicals (ammonia synthesis, azeotropic and extractive distillation, crystallization, evaporation, dewatering processes, the processes of inorganic chemistry (including electrolytes), extraction, installation of phenol distillation; processes a solid phase


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