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    Thermoflow v21.0

    Thermoflow is the leading developer of thermal engineering software for the power and cogeneration industries. Since 1987, Thermoflow's software product line has grown to become the most popular, well-proven, and comprehensive system available today.

    There are two types of heat balance programs: "Application-Specific" and "Fully-Flexible". An Application-Specific program is a special-purpose tool, focusing exclusively on one type of plant. The program includes a vast, general model and the user selects a subset of it via a guided, structured procedure. A Fully-Flexible program is a general-purpose tool, which allows its user to construct any model by connecting appropriate building blocks, in a flexible, unfettered fashion. Each type of program has advantages and limitations.

    Application-Specific Heat Balance Engineering Software. This line includes Thermoflow’s most popular programs, GT PRO & GT MASTER for gas turbine-based cycles, STEAM PRO & STEAM MASTER for pure steam power plants, and RE-MASTER for repowering existing steam plants by adding gas turbines. It also includes the Plant Design Expert (PDE) program for executive-level use of GT PRO.

    Fully-Flexible Heat Balance Engineering Software. THERMOFLEX is a fully flexible program that allows you to model a broad range of thermal systems, with emphasis on power generation and cogeneration. THERMOFLEX can be used to model gas turbine combined cycles, steam power plants, or repowering, in addition to a virtually endless variety of power plant systems, standard or novel. THERMOFLEX provides design and off-design modes into a single program, so you can use one program for all your calculations. THERMOFLEX is an economical alternative for users who have a wide range of application interests, but insufficient activity in any one plant type to justify the cost of the application-specific programs.