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    Honeywell UniSim Flare R390.1.0

    UniSim Flare has been designed to facilitate the design and rating of flare and vent system piping throughout the entire design process. The program interface uses a flow diagram for direct visualization of the piping network. Detailed tables of all pertinent data and calculated results support this. UniSim Flare can model the piping system topologies most commonly found in flare systems.

    UniSim Flare is the latest addition to the UniSim Design product family. This steady state flare and relief network simulator is used for designing, rating and debottlenecking flare or vent systems.

    The following list describes the features of UniSim Flare:

    Ability to model convergent, divergent, and complex looped flare or vent systems for design, rating, or debottlenecking.

    Easy data import directly from UniSim Design case files for analyzing various relief scenarios.

    Ability to support calculations for single or multi-phase flow (including rigorous three-phase flash), and simple MW (molecular weight) or full compositional analysis.

    Multiple flow/pressure drop methods, including Isothermal Gas, Adiabatic Gas, Beggs & Brill, Dukler and Orkisewski.

    User-friendly graphical user interface and reporting methods


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