Bureau Veritas Steel v3.0e

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    Bureau Veritas Steel v3.0e

    3D-beam analysis program based on the displacement method.

    It calculates all deformations, local forces, moments and stresses in 3D

    frames modelled by beams and submitted to static and thermal loads.

    This program includes beam axial and torsional rigidities, additional

    beam deformations due to shear forces and beams with rigid ends. The

    centre of shear can be different from the centre of gravity.

    It is completely interactive giving printed and graphical data and

    results outputs:

    3D view of the structure and deformations

    Beam loads, shear forces and bending moments diagrams

    Nodes degrees of freedom

    Node loads and reactions

    Final check of accuracy

    Many types of standard beam types are provided:

    H, T, I sections

    Rectangular box girder

    U section

    Cylindrical pipe and bar

    Bulb plate




    Node degrees of freedom can be adjusted to:

    Free node

    Fixed support

    Forced deformation

    Elastic support

    Possible loads are:

    Structure own weight

    Concentrated and linear beam loads

    Hydrostatic loads

    Thermal loads

    Combination of loading cases


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