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    برنامج Bentley SACS 5.7

    Bentley (ex. Engineering Dynamics) SACS V8i SS3

    Package includes SACS software for the analysis, design, construction and installation of offshore structures, including oil and gas production platforms and wind farms. Project Dynamic analysis function allows you to perform detailed checks to ensure compliance with the requirements for offshore structures and visualize complex results.

    SACS makes available to engineers working with marine facilities, tools, a comprehensive analysis and design, which ensures a high level of operational safety, minimize risks and ensure compliance with the standards of various structures. Its scope is multidisciplinary analysis of offshore structures include non-linear structural analysis; analysis of the dynamic characteristics when exposed to wind, currents, waves and earthquakes; Analysis of impact; specialized analysis of loads in case of serious accidents, such as explosions, collisions with ships and the destruction of structures. SACS supports modeling of reference blocks, foundations, beams and topsides as well as a detailed assessment of the fatigue life.

    In addition to supporting international standards and inspections for offshore structures, SACS also includes the functionality of multi-core 64-bit processors and the ability to reuse data through integration with other applications via Bentley ISM. SACS can be used for the design of offshore wind farms through integration with third-party software, including GH Bladed and FAST


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