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    برنامج مدير ملفات الايفون والايباد والايبود بميزات كثيرة منها النسخ الاحتياطي واستعادة الباكب وتنظيف الموبايل من الملفات المكررة والملفات المؤقتة وتحسين سرعة الموبايل وأداءه وإزالة الاعلانات واصلاح مشاكل النظام واخيرا وليس آخرا فك قفل الشاشة عند نسيان الباسورد

    Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro

    Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro 1.x -- 72 MB

    iPhone becomes sluggish? Annoying ads keeps showing up while playing games on iPad? iPod is full of duplicate music? Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro is an all-in-one tool to fix all iPhone, iPad and iPod issues for you. This tool is further divided into 6 small tools specializing in fixing certain issues.

    Main Functions:

    o- Optimizes, cleans, and fixes a variety of iOS problems with just 1 click.

    o- 3 options to optimize iOS: Speedup&Clean, Ads Remove and Fix iOS Stuck.

    o- 2 ways to manage iPhone, iPad and iPod data: Files Manager and Backup&Restore.

    o- 1 effective way to unlock iPhone lock screen: Passcode Unlocker.

    o- Safe and quick iOS fix utility. No jailbreak required.

    o- Support all iOS devices (iOS 8/7.1 included).

    Great Cleanup Utility to Speed Up iPhone, iPad and iPod

    The Speedup&Clean feature of Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro offers the easiest way to optimize iOS. It enables you to rid of unneeded files so that your device could have more free space and the apps runs more smoothly.

    o- Provide 2 ways to clean iPhone, iPad and iPod: Quick Clean and Deep Clean.

    o- Scan for and clean up app cookies, app crash logs, photo caches, call history, iTunes Radio caches and other junk files.

    o- Decide and set certain types of files to clean by your own.

    o- All junk files can be cleaned with one click.

    Share and Manage Music, Videos, Apps without iTunes Restriction

    You can easily manage files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Simply connect your device with PC and all the rest can be done within several clicks.

    o- Manage 8 types of files: Contacts, Notes, Calendar, APP, Video, Bookmark, Photo and Music.

    o- Directly add items to iOS devices.

    o- Detect & delete duplicates or unwanted items.

    o- Export files from iDevice to your computer.

    o- One click to merge the same contacts into one.

    Backup and Restore iOS Data without iTunes

    iTunes can't recognize your iPhone? Even without iTunes, you can still backup and restore iPhone, iPad and iPod from iTunes backup.

    o- Faster than iTunes as there's no need to load all iTunes library when backup and restore.

    o- Automatically list all iTunes backups for you to restore from.

    o- Delete unneeded backups and save more space on your hard drive.

    Block Ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod

    iPhone Care Pro could be a great iOS ads blocker which easily block or remove ads and banners in apps on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It's a must-have tool if you want to enjoy a totally ad-free environment.

    o- Block ads from all popular apps: Pandora, YouTube, Airborne, etc.

    o- Remove only ads. No damage to your apps and no leaking of personal information.

    o- Improve system performance of iOS devices to a large extent.

    Fix Various iOS Stuck Relating to iOS Upgrade, Overheat and More

    iPhone, iPad and iPod could easily get stuck in recovery mode, DFU more, white/black Apple logo, etc. Whatever causes the iOS stuck, you can always resort to iPhone Care Pro.

    o- Put iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into and out of Recovery Mode with a single click, when you can't boot your iPhone properly

    o- Reboot your device when you need a firmware restore but Home or Power button doesn't work; iDevice is locked with a passcode that you don't know; iPhone won't activate, and you need to update the iOS, etc.

    Unlock Locked iPhone

    If you forgot iPhone lock-screen password and was locked out of your iPhone, Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro could help you remove iPhone open password and gain access to iPhone.

    o- Easily and safely unlock iPhone. No damage to iPhone data and system.

    o- Get you the lock-screen passcode and allow you to copy to another place for viewing.

    Support All iOS Devices (Including the Latest iOS 8 Devices)

    Except for the Password Unlocker feature (works only for iPhone), all the other functions work for iPhone, iPad and iPod alike. The following chart might give you a clear idea on what devices Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro supports.

    System Requirements:

    o- Windows 8.1/Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (64&32 bits)

    o- 1GHz (32 bit or 64 bit) and above CPU

    o- 1GB or more HDD

    o- iOS 8/7.1/7/6, etc.

    o- iTunes preinstalled