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    برنامج المفكرة اليومية وتنظيم المواعيد وامور الحياة والالتزامات وحفظ وتصفح السجلات الشخصية في يوميات محمية بواسطة كلمة مرور مشفرة.
    Smart Diary Suite Home Edition

    Smart Diary® Suite will help you organize and control your life in one easy to use and flexible package! Visually see the effects of life using Life Factors! More than just diary software or a PIM, Smart Diary Suite is instead a completely customizable, yet easy to use, Personal Information Solution. It can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be.

    Your life could be organized better and Smart Diary Suite will help you take control of your life. Please let us show you just a few ways how (see our features page for more information):

    Keep everyday records -- Save and browse your personal records in the Diary protected by a password and encryption.

    See your life -- Keep a regular record with the help of our life factors and see the results on a color Graph.

    Express yourself -- Record and play back voice entries in the Diary.

    Be organized -- Schedule puts a fully featured calendar at your fingertips to make sure you never miss anything important!

    Stay focused -- Use Tasks to set items you want to accomplish and monitor their progress.

    Never lose anything -- Notes will take care of that by providing a powerful way to organize any bits of information.

    Eat healthy -- Nutrition will let you create and share recipes and help you to understand and plan your dietary needs.

    Stay healthy -- Medication will remind you - it can even send you an e-mail, if you are away from your computer.

    Stay in touch -- Just enter all the important dates in the Contacts and you will be reminded of them when due.

    Be mobile -- you can use a portable version of SDS directly off your USB/flash/memory stick drive anywhere!

    Smart Diary Suite 4 has been released

    - New: Allow setting default categories for templates in Diary, Notes and Nutrition entries that allows a template to be automatically selected based on chosen category

    - New: Allow setting default pain map spots that will appear in new entries

    - New: Added a "Last day of the month" recurrence in Schedule

    - New: Added a "Personal" tab to Contacts that holds more information about a person

    - New: Allow plotting "range" Life Factors as absolute or relative values

    - New: Only initialize the sound engine when it's actually used to speed up loading time, it can also be turned off completely now (to fix issues with incompatible sound cards)

    - Fixed: Editor windows can be used while privacy password dialog is up

    - Fixed: Sometimes SDS will complain about an open Schedule editor when closing, when there is none

    - Fixed: Password reminder popup goes away too quickly

    - Fixed: Importing Life Factors could fail

    Smart Diary Suite Home Edition -- 13.4 MB


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