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    GRAFster v7.0.1.8 (C) Peter Rosenberg

    Disks: 1 x 2,88mb Date: December 13, 2015

    OS: Windows Type: Crack

    Release Description:

    GRAFster v7.0

    Be your own analyst ... you judge what to do!


    Select from line, bar or candlestick style charts

    Create custom settings for each of the 30 editable


    Apply unique chart and indicator settings for each symbol/ticker

    View multiple charts in any combination of symbol, indicator layout

    and time period

    Plot the relative strength (ratio) of one symbol/ticker to another

    Create custom chart layouts for instant retrieval as a Chart Group

    Use your Favorites List to quickly parse only the charts you want

    with one keystroke

    Scroll thru charts back and forth one or more bars at a time for

    instant replays

    Place 1, 2 or 3 non-overlay indicators below the price chart

    Copy and paste chart images, or save them in popular image formats

    Draw Trend Lines, Channels, Andrews Pitchforks and Fibonacci


    Predict turning points with two scarce price pattern techniques

    created by a respected analyst


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