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    برنامج رائع لرسم أفكارك على شكل مخططات ورسوم بيانية

    Aibase برنامج إدارة المعلومات الإبداعية. من خلال هذا البرنامج يمكن أن تكون الأفكار والآراء في الفضاء الافتراضي المنظمة. تم تحسين تطبيق الأفكار في فضاء المعلومات بكفاءة ويؤدي إلى العديد من الآثار الإيجابية للتعلم والإبداع وإدارة المشاريع. هذا التطبيق هو تصميم بسيط والأمثل بذكاء لتوفير مساحة عمل كبيرة وأيضا يشمل جميع الأدوات اللازمة، مثل الوصلات، والرسومات وأدوات التحرير والناقلات من الآلات الحاسبة والخرائط والمخططات الانسيابية للمفاهيم الفكرية.

    Aibase v3.6.6

    Aibase a software creative management information. By this software can be thoughts and ideas in a virtual space organized. The application for the thoughts and ideas in an efficient information space is optimized and lead to many positive effects for learning, creativity and project management is. This application is a simple design and intelligently optimized to provide a large work space and also includes all the necessary tools, such as hyperlinks, edit vector graphics of calculators, maps and flowcharts are conceptual and intellectual. Also you are able to express their ideas through different ways and you create a timeline

    Nqshhzhny set of diagrams to represent words, ideas, activities and more. Mind map to create, portraying, structure and classify ideas in the field of studies and research, problem-solving and decision-making applications. Using Nqshhzhny can quickly identify the structure of matter and the relationship between the components understood. Information layout makes the people involved in a project and team members, much easier to reach agreement and the intellectual ideas of all people should be used more efficiently

    A key feature of the software Aibase
    o- Making mind maps
    o- Organize the thoughts and ideas in a virtual space
    o- The mental tools to pull ideas
    o- Optimized for a large working space
    o- The use of problem-solving and decision-making
    o- Edit vector graphics of
    o- Mapping the conceptual and intellectual
    o- The Mac to create a virtual space
    o- Manage projects and ideas

    PHP Code:

    Unpack and Install

    Overwrite the original executable with
    the one provided


    Make sure to block internet access to this
    This to ensure your license wont
    become invalid after a period of time 


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