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    1CEnterprise 8

    Why 1C:Enterprise is a market leader in business software

    1C:Enterprise is a business software leader within 15 years of experience and more than 1 million users.

    Open price policy is very competitive.

    Every 1C:Enterprise solution is open source and highly customizable. You change it according to your company business processes.

    1C:Enterprise does not require highly qualified staff. Make changes and maintain yourself after training of some basics.

    User friendly interface contains hundreds of smart and valuable built-in features. Online demonstrations are available without registration.

    1C:Enterprise is highly scalable and grows together with your business. Start any 1C:Enterprise solution at your home office in file mode. Expand performance by client-server architecture. Continue with publishing in Internet. Migrate to the reliable cluster of 1C:Enterprise servers.

    System software "1C: Enterprise 8"Includes a platform and application solutions developed on this basis, to automate the activities of organizations and individuals.The platform itself is not a software product for use by end users, who tend to work with one of many application solutions (configurations) developed based onplatform. Such an approach makes it possible to automate a variety of activities, using a single technology platform.

    The flexibility of the platform allows the use of 1C: Enterprise 8 in a variety of areas:

    automation of industrial and commercial enterprises, budgetary and financial institutions, service companies, etc.

    operational support of enterprise management;

    automation of organizational and economic activity;

    accounting with several charts of accounts and arbitrary measurements of accounting, regulatory reporting;

    opportunities for management accounting and building analytical reporting, support for multi-currency accounting;

    the tasks of planning, budgeting and financial analysis;

    payroll and personnel management;

    other applications.

    Supported OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8

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    1CEnterprise 8


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    1CEnterprise 8.2


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