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    Movicon 2019 v11.6

    Movicon™ 11 is the secure and reliable solution for all those companies needing to develop and maintain supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications with operator interface where data can be accessed remotely or from mobile systems. The Movicon proven technology makes it possible to guarantee reliability at the same time, potential, openings and unmatched flexibility.

    Progea group is pleased to announce the availability of Movicon 11.6 that introduces HTML5 to the “Classic” technology and it shows how this product generation is still much appreciated all over the world.

    Movicon 11 technology embodies the excellence of SCADA/HMI platforms, with unrivalled transparency, simplicity and performances. As the Movicon 11 is one of a kind, completely based on XML standards and well established technologies such as Web Services, SVG graphics, OPC, SQL, ODBC, .Net as well as Java technology and APPs for Web Client solutions.


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