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    Screaming Bee GiggleType v1.0.2.18071

    GiggleTypeTM uses text-to-speech (TTS) to output audio to any app that uses a microphone. Let your computer to do all the talking!

    There is no need for you to use a microphone or even say a word. Just start typing and GiggleType converts your message to text-to-speech audio. Your message can be automatically sent through Skype, Google Talk, online games and more.

    For added laughs, you can convert messages using various GiggleType filters:

    Cow - convert your message to cow-speak.

    Cussomatic - add sass to your message and let your computer swear like a sailor.

    Decussomatic - talk nice! Tame any curse-ridden message.

    Gibberish - various different filters can change your message into random and amusing blather.

    Warning! This program may generate offensive content


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