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    Efofex FX Equation v6.003.4

    FX Draw software was designed to be a drawing program for mathematic teachers. The aim is to provide mathematics teachers with a tool that can draw any required mathematical diagram with a minimum amount of input from the teacher.

    FX Draw provides specialised tools for drawing angles, graphs, normal distribution curves, Venn diagrams and right triangles and also comes supplied with a gallery of over three hundred pre drawn diagrams. FX Draw can integrate with your copy of Word to provide a quick and easy solution to your diagramming needs.

    FX Draw draws any diagram a secondary mathematics teacher (or student) might need and lets you place publication quality graphics into documents, web pages and presentations quickly and easily.

    You can also use FX Draw with interactive whiteboards and data projectors to produce an interactive and intuitive teaching environment.

    Here are some key features of "FX Draw":

    o- New unit circle tool.

    o- New tree diagram tool.

    o- New figure information.

    o- New dynamic annotations system.

    o- Enhanced GAD display o- see the relationships you are creating.

    o- New GAD relationships including tangents from external points, centroids, ortho-centre, in-centre and circumcentre.

    o- New powerful GAD Link technology.

    o- Vastly improved angle marking tool.

    o- Shade region tool.

    o- New versatile measurement system.

    o- Ray tool.

    o- Draw lines using midpoint and end point; start point and x,y offset and start point and roffset.

    o- Ruler tool.

    o- Protractor tools.

    o- "Compass-like" circle and arc tools.

    o- Point size can now be set.

    o- Arrows on the sides of polygons and rectangles.

    o- Insert bitmaps.

    o- Interactive whiteboard tools o- scribble and eraser.

    o- Improved triangle tool.

    o- Regular polygons.

    o- Improved 3 point circle and arc tools.

    o- Equations upgraded to FX Equation 3 technology.

    o- Function graphs upgrade to FX Graph 3 technology.