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    Great Barcode Generator 2.1

    Great Barcode Generator 2.1 -- 7.7 Mb

    Great Barcode Generator is expert tool to create and print standardized, professional quality barcode images and labels effortlessly in minimal steps. Generator instantly creates single and number of barcodes comprising defined values and conveniently prints by using ordinary, thermal and barcode printers with optimum quality for different layouts and pre defined labels.

    Great Barcode softwareis designed with user friendly interface including intuitive toolbar to create professional barcodes frequently in two basic steps and save them as projects. Tool also retains convenient provision to save values and images separately. Barcode Software can download bar label tag images for labelling or label of product as per requirement, moreover it can save barcode software generated images in Image format with various extensions such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and many other.


    Barcode Software offers convenient way to create optimized barcodes by using commonly practiced more than 26 barcode fonts such as Code 39, EAN, UPC and others with additional information like Item Name, Id etc in format of Text Above, Text Below. Application integrates option to choose measuring scale either in cm or inches and apply multiple settings and formatting in height, width, color, text-fonts, bars, spaces, margins and lots of others.


    Great Barcode Generator is competent tool to create number of single and sequential list of barcodes with any font for various industries. Application acquires datasheet to view list value in a glance to create and edit easily as per requirement. Generator import values from Excel or Text file to create barcodes with defined values and also compliant to export values in text or excel documents for reuse.


    Great Barcode Generator is highly proficient to print numerous barcodes precisely in single attempt with optimum quality by using any ordinary, thermal or printer. Program flawlessly prints multiple within same page or separately along with defined values and format including text, width, height, margin, color etc. Generator is completely versatile tool and retaining print preview functionality to make adjustments and resizing before print with different labels such as Avery, Apli, Aone, Ace and others.


    Barcode Software provides facility to save barcodes as high resolution images in different graphic formats like jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff, exif, emf and many more. The Barcode Generator Software also facilitates copy image to clipboard with high resolution DPI for the use in various Windows applications such as Excel, Word, Paint etc. It is not only a reliable way to read encoded information accurately but also helps in inventory control and reduces deployment cost



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