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    البرنامج من برمجة اندونيسيا وهو على درجة عاليه من الكفاءة والجودة والدقة والشمولية

    برامج المحاسبة دقة هو برنامج مسك دفاتر الشركة التي تتكون من عدة وحدات وباستخدام متكامل مثل دفتر الأستاذ العام ، البنك النقدي ، المخزون والمبيعات و المشتريات ، والأصول الثابتة ، المشروع ، والانتاج.

    برنامج دقة هو تطبيق المحاسبة النقية وتم إنشاؤه وتطويره من قبل خيرة أبناء وبنات إندونيسيا . لأكثر من 10 سنوات ، لا يزال دقة قيد تجربة النمو لتلبية احتياجات مجتمع الأعمال في إندونيسيا . ويستمر تطوره ، دقة تسترشد دائما من قبل مجلس معايير المحاسبة المالية و اللوائح والضرائب المعمول بها في اندونيسيا. ولذلك فهو مستحسن دائما و موثوق به من قبل رجال الأعمال في إندونيسيا .

    CPS Soft Accurate Accounting Enterprise v4.2.13.1385

    ACCURATE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE is the company' s bookkeeping program that consists of several modules use an integrated, among others, General Ledger, Cash Bank, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Fixed assets, RMA, Project, manufactur DLL

    CPSSoft ACCURATE Accounting Software products that are pure accounting application created and developed by the best sons and daughters of Indonesia. For over 10 years, ACCURATE continues to experience growth with the needs of the business community in Indonesia. And in its development, ACCURATE always guided by the Financial Accounting Standards and Taxation Regulations applicable in Indonesia. Therefore, ACCURATE is always recommended and trusted by entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

    Since its first appearance is in 1999, ACCURATE to the attention of business people in Indonesia. This is evident from the growth ACCURATE users continue to increase from year to year. ACCURATE user growth rate per year, an average of 25% . Based on the database per user in January 2011, the number of users has more than 40 000 ACCURATE.

    Not only ACCURATE, within a period of his way to becoming a leading software development company in the homeland, has developed a software CPSSoft Point Of Sale ( POS) , named RENE. RENE is a POS software for retail businesses, which often also called cashier software. This software serves as a substitute for cash ( cash register) conventional with its limited hardware warranty as well. RENE advantages compared with ordinary cash machines located on the function of branch consolidation of data from computer to computer servers at the center.

    Armed with the above software ( ACCURATE and RENE) , CPSSoft continues to achieve its vision by providing affordable and high quality software to the public. Not just selling cheap software with mediocre quality, CPSSoft provide quality assurance and the best after-sales service for its products.

    Great trust of employers and to meet increasing market demand, and ACCURATE RENE development continues to this day. ACCURATE ACCURATE launched its newest version 4.1 in January 2011 with features that are more complete, more stable performance, and display user friendly.

    In addition to being the choice of employers, ACCURATE also contribute to the development of Indonesia Entrepreneur. This is evidenced by ACCURATE who received the honor at the event Creative Entrpreneur 2010 as a companion believed to be used as an entrepreneur, young entrepreneurs in pioneering efforts. ACCURATE also proud to be part of this.

    In addition to all the staff and backed by dedicated employees CPSSoft, CPSSoft success reaching more than 40, 000 users ACCURATE not be separated from the support of business partners such as ACCURATE Bussiness Center ( ABC) , the dealer, the leading universities in Indonesia, and of course the customer ACCURATE-loyal customers. This dynamic continues to drive CPSSoft always develop the professionalism of human resources in order to always produce quality products, creative, and innovative, and always provide the best service for customers and business partners

    CPSSoft always strive to provide the best assurance of quality and service, supported by cooperation among divisions in it, will always ensure CPSSoft step ahead in the face of change.

    You may click the "Company Info", "Products Catalog" and "Contact Us" to browse and see other informations of ACCURATE BUSINESS CENTER's website.


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