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    برنامج تنمية العقل أو ( الكتالوج البصري ) ويبدو لي وكأنه لمجرد حفظ الملفات على شكل صور تجعل الامور اسهل للتذكر والحفظ والله أعلم فلم اعرف وظيفة البرنامج تماما

    Mind Collected v1.00.37

    مع النمو الهائل للمعلومات والكتب والدورات والموارد والأفكار والتطبيقات. ويتم إطلاق المزيد من الكتب والمقالات والأوراق في كل عام عن العام السابق.

    الكتالوج البصري وتوصيل الأفكار. كل كائن في قاعدة البيانات المرئية لديه صورة واسم، والعلامات والملاحظات الغنية، و صلات إلى بنود أخرى. وجمعها ويمكن البحث تلقائيا وتنزيل الصور لكائنات من الإنترنت، أو يمكنك استخدام الصور الخاصة بك.

    Exponential growth of information, books, courses, resources, ideas and apps is exploding. More books, articles and papers are released every year than the year before.

    People are forced to change their jobs more often than ever - every 4 years on average!

    This is also a golden opportunity though: If you are able to learn better and faster than others, you will have a tremendous advantage and earn more money.

    Visually catalog and connect ideas and things from your life.

    Each object in your visual database has a picture, name, tags, rich notes, and connections to other items.

    Mind Collected can automatically search and download pictures for your objects from the Internet, or you can use your own photos

    Here are some key features of "Mind Collected":

    o- Remember and learn things faster and better. All you have to do is to visually catalog the things and concepts you want to learn, and connect them with other things you've already collected. Your brain will do the rest automatically o- it will see it all.

    o- Master any subject quickly

    o- Change your thinking o- by visually cataloging things and ideas, you will make them "psychoactive" and prime yourself to automatically think about them more often with no additional effort on your part.

    o- Change your behavior o- by visually cataloging and connecting ideas and habits, you are more likely to act accordingly. For example, entering a specific healthy food into your visual database will make you more likely to buy, order and eat it in the future.

    o- Re-live your favorite memories and times of your life. Easily and quickly make a gallery of the things, activities, games, people or places you love.

    o- Build your own visual collection over time. The more items your collection has, the more valuable it becomes.




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